Teachers from 9 countries agree – students must improve their soft skills!

We gathered also very valuable feedback from the teachers, who shared their experience about soft skills and their experience and teaching practises.
We asked to the teachers if they agree with the statement, that nowadays in order to succeed at work and personal life "soft skills" of students have the same importance as professional skills. 89% of the teachers agreed with the statement and assured that soft skills in nowadays world is key to success. Read more about the survey and results!


What students think - survey results

We made a survey and asked to the students from different countries if they have heard about „soft skills”, do they think universities are paying sufficient attention to training of soft skills of the students and which are the most important skills that students would like to develop.
This survey shows that Universities should pay much bigger attention to the development of "soft skills" of the students.

Survey on "soft skills" - for teachers

If you are a teacher at the University - we would like to know your opinion about how much contemporary students poses interdisciplinary and soft skills. Help us to improve the studies and develop new teaching materials!

The first project meeting in Riga

In September 2019 Turiba University, in cooperation with 5 partner Universities from Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria, has started to implement the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which aims to elaborate different study and teaching materials for the development of interdisciplinary and soft skills of students. The first project meeting took place in Riga.