About the project

In September 2019 Turiba University in cooperation with 5 partner Universities from Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria has started to implement the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which aimed to elaborate different study and teaching materials for development of interdisciplinary and soft skills of students.

Nowadays communication, teamwork, cooperation, conflict management, also called soft skills are very important for any professional in all fields. Experience shows that very often students lack those interdisciplinary skills. Only rarely there are specific courses tackling those topics and skills and also there is a lack of training materials which academics can use in the study process in order to train those skills of students.


This ERASMUS+ project focuses on the ability of students to cooperate for team work, set professional and academic goals, time management skills and efficient planning, multicultural communication, conflict diagnostics and conflict management. These skills are crucial for the ability to study efficiently in universities of the modern world. Curriculums of universities do not offer separate courses to tackle these problems. Moreover, these skills are required not only during academic studies, but even after graduation, to be prepared for professional life challenges. Therefore, a goal is set to create inter-faculty study materials for the students from Law, Business, Communication and other Social science faculties in order to increase these skills and the university teachers could widely access such study materials.

The main aim of the project is to develop and implement innovative practices, elaboration of interdisciplinary study materials and tools (including a mobile application) for students and teachers of different faculties.

The main results - video lectures, study materials, a mobile phone application for daily studies, reading materials and self-study materials. All project products you can find in this web-platform. All products are free of charge. You are welcome to use our teaching and study materials and train your soft skills!

Duration of the project: 36 month (01.09.2019.-30.08.2022)

Poject number: 2019-1-LV01-KA203-060423