Entrepreneurs talk about soft skills - soft skills matter!

We decided to ask this question to several well-known entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. What do they think about soft skills?


Newsletter - read about useful tools and materials to train soft skills

Read the newsletter where you will find information about project events, video recordings and tools created for soft skill training!


Mob App for training your soft skills

Use everyday training App in your mobile phone to develop soft skills. App is available in App Store and Google Play.

This application will help you to develop such skills as time management, working in the team, setting the goals, multicultural communication, conflict diagnosis and management.


E-Book "Interdisciplinary skills for cooperation and conflict management"

Welcome to read e-version of the Book about Interdisciplinary skills. You will find here articles developed by authors from 6 partner Universities from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands. On the second part of the book there are exercises for individual work and groups.

Video recording and presentations from the Conference in Riga

20.04.2022. Conference on Communication and soft skills took place in Riga, Turiba University. During the event participants had opportunity to listen different presentations and discussion about communication and also soft skills. If you had no chance to participate – we invite you to watch video recording of the conference!

Participate in International Conference

Participate in Conference in Riga on April 20, 2022. In frame of the conference we will explore what are the new interdisciplinary skills that must be acquired by any professional, and how we should teach and prepare our students for the labour market. Also project experts will introduce DISCOM project results and developed products – teaching materials and tools.



Teachers'training in Krakow, Poland 

In September 2021 Jagiellonian University from Poland hosted training for teachers. It was intensive 5 day training where teachers from 6 partner Universities raised their skills and competences related to soft skills teaching.



Teachers from 9 countries agree – students must improve their soft skills!

We gathered also very valuable feedback from the teachers, who shared their experience about soft skills and their experience and teaching practises.
We asked to the teachers if they agree with the statement, that nowadays in order to succeed at work and personal life "soft skills" of students have the same importance as professional skills. 89% of the teachers agreed with the statement and assured that soft skills in nowadays world is key to success. Read more about the survey and results!





What students think - survey results

We made a survey and asked to the students from different countries if they have heard about „soft skills”, do they think universities are paying sufficient attention to training of soft skills of the students and which are the most important skills that students would like to develop.
This survey shows that Universities should pay much bigger attention to the development of "soft skills" of the students.

Survey on "soft skills" - for teachers

If you are a teacher at the University - we would like to know your opinion about how much contemporary students poses interdisciplinary and soft skills. Help us to improve the studies and develop new teaching materials!

The first project meeting in Riga

In September 2019 Turiba University, in cooperation with 5 partner Universities from Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria, has started to implement the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which aims to elaborate different study and teaching materials for the development of interdisciplinary and soft skills of students. The first project meeting took place in Riga.