CONFERENCE "Communication and development of interdisciplinary competences in the digital age"

To be able to successfully plan and manage communication in your company or institution, professional skills alone are no longer enough for a new specialist. The World Economic Forum 2020 report on the skills needed for future jobs emphasizes that cross-sectoral skills will be what employers will require. How the young professional will be able to solve complex problems, plan the work and set goals, be able to be creative and learn to work in a team, will play a crucial role. So, to become a successful communication specialist of the future, you will have to learn a number of new tools and methods, as well as work on developing your interdisciplinary skills.

20.04.2022. Conference on Communication and soft skills took place in Riga, Turiba University. During the event participants had opportunity to listen different presentations and discussion about communication and also soft skills. DISCOM project partners also presented different teaching materials and tools developed in frame of the Strategic partnership project.

WATCH VIDEO RECORDING OF THE CONFERENCE HERE (audio is in original language -partly English, partly Latvian):


Leadership communications in the post-pandemic world

Vija Valentukonīte-Urbanavičiene, Internal communication expert (Lithuania)

New/Social Media Ethics in authoritarian Regimes

Baris Coban, Ph.D., Professor of Media Studies, Dogus University (Turkey)

Interdisciplinary skills - how to prepare new professionals according to labour market trends and requirements? DSICOM project experience

Dr.iur. Dana Rone, lecturer of Turība University, ERASMUS+ DISCOM project leader (Latvia)

Nowadays reality – Interdisciplinary skills
Dr.psych.Daina Škuškovnika, lecturer of Turība University and DISCOM project expert (Latvia)

Trends of public relations profession in Latvia, research results
Kristīne Tjarve, LASAP chairman of the Board (Latvia)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Social media communication - whats the status?
Bc.iur.Ritvars Vulis, SIA HAVAS CREATIVE LATVIA CEO (Latvia)