Entrepreneurs talk about soft skills - those skills matter!

Nowadays we hear that soft skills are important to get better job, to become more successful. But what do we know about soft skills? Are those skills really so important? We decided to ask this question to several well-known entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. What do they think about soft skills?

Read their thoughts and we assure you - soft skills matter!

Marika Ģederte (LATVIA)

Visvaldis Trokša (LATVIA)

Gerrit Landgrebe-Nesitka (AUSTRIA)

Ramunė Šabanienė and Brigita Gudonė (LITHUANIA)

Karolina Krawczyk (POLAND)

Angela Casini (ITALY)

Purba Hardjosusono (THE NETHERLANDS)